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September 20th, 2006: FISSATE

Definition: FISSATE adj deeply split

Anagrams: fiestas

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: safetiEs seaLifts

'Typos': fossate

Blana-grams: aGeists asCites asHiest Disseat easiEst eCtasis eNtasis faiNest faiRest faLsest faLsies fasCist fasteNs fastesT fatLess fatNess fatTies fetiaLs fitNess fiXates fRaises iNfests Miseats Misseat Nasties Pasties Patsies Petsais Resifts saGiest saLties saMites satiRes satisfY seaLift seitaNs sestiNa siestaS sifteRs sOfties stifLes stRafes stRifes tafFies taMises taNsies taPises tassieS tisaNes

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aft ai ais ait aits as ass asset at ate ates east easts eat eats ef efs eft efts es ess et eta etas fa fas fast fasts fat fate fates fats fe feast feasts feat feats feist feists fes fess fest fests fet feta fetas fets fiat fiats fie fiesta fist fists fit fits if ifs is it its sae safe safes safest sat sate sates sati satis sea seas seat seats sei seif seifs seis set seta sets si siesta sift sifts sis sit site sites sits sties ta tae tas tass tasse tassie tea teas ti tie ties tis

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