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NASPA certifies directors as being qualified to direct sanctioned tournaments and clubs. The NSA stopped doing so on 2009-07-01.


Currently the same certification applies to both tournament and club directors. The certification criteria are set by the Tournament Committee and the Club/Director Committee jointly. You can be certified as a NASPA director in one of two ways:

  • Current active tournament and/or club directors certified by the NSA who join NASPA are “grandfathered” in. I.e., they are automatically certified as tournament and club directors by NASPA.
  • If you are not a past NSA director, you can take a test and undergo an apprenticeship, as explained in our director certification page. There are certain limitations based on age of apprentice.

The criteria for maintaining certified director status and for restoring a lapsed certification are also set by the Tournament Committee and the Club/Director Committee:

  • A certified director must be a member in good standing of NASPA. A director can lose his/her good standing through a disciplinary process, or by having an overdue account with NASPA.
  • When significant changes are made in Official Tournament Rules and/or Director’s Manual, directors may be required to retake the director test as a review at no charge. This can be done by email.

Resources for directors

Here are some resources for directors to help them do their job. If you need something that isn’t listed below, please let us know and we’ll add it.

There is an online group (naspa-tcd) where sanctioned directors discuss questions and issues with other directors, including hearing what they have to say about all facets of organizing and running sanctioned NASPA clubs and tournaments. We encourage you to join it.

See also the Player Resources page for scoresheets and other player-related forms and links.



  • Verify a player’s membership and/or rating:
    • Member search An interactive search for any NASPA members (does not currently include information about suspensions).
    • Rating search An interactive search for any rated players (shows rating and expiry; flags suspended players).
    • Member list A concise listing of all current NASPA members eligible to play in tournaments (with their ratings and membership numbers), in alphabetical order by last name (includes also new members who haven’t played in rated tournaments yet; excludes members who have not paid yet or whose membership has expired; excludes players currently under any level of suspension). Tip: save or print a copy of the output from this application so you can quickly verify any player’s eligibility even when you are not online.
    • Rating list A long listing of all living players (with their ratings, rankings and membership expiration dates) that have ever established a rating with NASPA or the NSA, in alphabetical order by last name (includes rated players only; includes also rated nonmembers and past members; indicates players who are suspended).
  • To purchase a NASPA membership for a player, go to Member services and look for “Add New Members” in the Director section. If you need to collect membership information offline at a tournament or club, you can use our old Membership Application Form to record the data you will need to type into the online form.
  • Players under suspension


We are continuing to compile a director list and a Club roster. If you are a director who has not yet submitted information about yourself and/or your club, please download our director questionnaire and submit it to Mary Rhoades.