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NASPA Zyzzyva Download

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Download the Latest Release of NASPA Zyzzyva

The newest version of NASPA Zyzzyva is 3.3.0, released 2021-09-30. It adds the CSW21 word list. It continues to include the NWL2020, NSWL2020, NWL2018, NSWL2018, CSW2019, and Volost lexica.




Older Releases

Older releases are made available on an as-is, unsupported basis and may not include current word lists.

Version Description
3.2.4 Official release including NWL2020, NSWL2020, available for Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit, macOS and

Windows. Last release to offer 32-bit Linux version.

3.2.1 Official release including CSW19, available for Linux, macOS and


3.2.0 Official release including NWL2018 and NSWL2018, available for Linux, macOS and


3.1.0 Official release including OTCWL2016 and SSWL2016, available for Linux, macOS and Windows.
3.0.4 Official release including OTCWL2014 and SSWL2015, available for Linux, macOS and Windows. Last release to be compatible with macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
3.0.3 Time-limited test release available for macOS and Windows.