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Club/Director Committee 2015 Report

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The Club/Director Committee has prepared the following contribution to NASPA's 2015 collection of reports on committee activity.

Since the last NSC in Buffalo in 2014, the NASPA Club Director/Committee has been occupied with the following tasks: Exams were distributed to a handful of director applicants. We also certified several new directors who were approved by their mentors. We loosened the rules about director mentorship somewhat to permit apprentice directors in remote places to be mentored from a distance using email, etc. We are now also accepting testimonials from players who have seen these apprentice directors in action in order to promote them promptly to full NASPA directors. We also updated the NASPA listings for both club and directors by removing dormant clubs from the list and similarly removing inactive directors from the roster. John Robertson did some minor tweaking to the director’s exam to bring it up to date with the rule changes that came into vogue in October 2014. Alan Stern has diligently updated official NASPA club listings as necessary. Judy Newhouse has also been updating the roster of recreational clubs as necessary. There was only one report filed to the Committee regarding a misbehavior incident at a NASPA club. We worked with the club’s director to handle the situation appropriately.

John Robertson (on behalf of the NASPA Club/Director Committee)