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2018 Canadian School SCRABBLE Invitational

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Thirty of the top Canadian youth SCRABBLE players have been invited to compete on Friday, June 15th, 2018 for at least $1,000 in cash prizes, donated by Hasbro Canada, at the 2018 Canadian School SCRABBLE Invitational.

As in the inaugural year in 2016, this event takes place in parallel with the Early Bird warmup for the 2018 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship. Two of the youth competitors are scheduled to go on to play in the CNSC Main Event.

Live Coverage

Live results will be posted as they are entered at the event website.

Event Format

Players will compete in two divisions this year: High School (Grade 9 and up) and Elementary (Grade 4 to 8). High School competition is invididual; Elementary may competitors may choose to compete individually or in pairs. Both divisions will have approximately 10 one- or two-player teams.


  • High school
    • First place winner receives $100; his/her school receives $250
    • Second place runner-up receives $50; his/her school receive $100
    • Medals for top three finishers
  • Elementary
    • First place winner(s) receive $100 each; their school receives $250
    • Second place runner(s)-up receive $50 each; their school receive $100
    • Medals for top three finishers
  • Additional prizes for theme words and sportsmanship

Exhibition Match

During the lunch break, past North American School SCRABBLE Champion Jackson Smylie will attempt to beat up to ten teams in simultaneous SCRABBLE games.


For detailed, round-by-round schedule information (and directions), please see the more detailed full schedule. We have scheduled rounds as per an adult tournament, which is a tighter schedule than usual for a school tournament, because everyone involved is an experienced competitor who would like to play as many games as possible. Please show up early for the day, and be ready to start each game promptly.


For qualification information, please contact event organizer Vera Bigall.