2014 SCRABBLE Word Showdown

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In the 2014 SCRABBLE Word Showdown, players will nominate and vote for a new word to be added to the Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary and the Official Tournament and Club Word List.

Full information can be found at the Hasbro Game Night Facebook Page.


  • Round 1
    • BOOYAH defeats LUCKBOX
    • PHABLET defeats EMOTYPO
    • ZEN defeats WOOT
    • BESTIE defeats ADORBS
    • HANGRY defeats NOWISH
    • EW defeats RETWEET
    • GEOCACHE defeats BITCOIN
    • COSPLAY defeats LIFEHACK
  • Round 2
    • BOOYAH defeats PHABLET
    • ZEN defeats BESTIE
    • EW defeats HANGRY
    • GEOCACHE defeats COSPLAY
  • Round 3
    • ZEN defeats BOOYAH
    • GEOCACHE defeats EW
  • Round 4
    • GEOCACHE defeats ZEN


March 12, 2014
New word nominations open
March 28, 2014
New word nominations close
April 2, 2014
Sweet 16 announced by Hasbro and Merriam-Webster
April 10, 2014
Fan bracket voting determines the winning word