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2011 National SCRABBLE Championship Player Bulletin

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If you are attending the 2011 National SCRABBLE Championship, please check this Player Bulletin for last-minute news before leaving for the tournament.

August 5, 2011: Waterford Room overflow

If the Waterford Room reaches capacity for any of the events scheduled in it (such as the Lunch Bird, and After Hours play), we now have access to the Spectrum Room facing it.

August 4, 2011: Fun events

If you haven’t read the schedule carefully yet, take a look: we are hosting a whole bunch of after (and even between-) hours events, including the Early Bird, Lunch Bird, Tag Team Tourney and Trivia Contest. In most cases, you can register at the door, but you may have to pay a surcharge. Safe travels!

July 30, 2011: Airport transfer coordination

If you are looking for an affordable way to get to and from the airport, and have not yet contacted Robin Gates with your travel details, please do so to arrange a shared shuttle ride. Please including the following info in your email.


-# in your party:

Flight #:

Arrival day:

Arrival time:


Airport (DFW or DAL):

Origination City:

Cell phone:

Please note that if you are renting a car, there is a large road improvement project going on around the North exit of DFW airport. Allow for extra time coming from and going to DFW airport. If you are interested in an alternate route please email Robin as well.

July 28, 2011: Equipment required

In response to a player inquiry: yes, you are responsible for bringing all equipment necessary to play in the tournament. If neither player in a game has brought equipment, a double forfeit may be imposed.

July 27, 2011: Lalique II unavailable

Ancillary events previously scheduled for the Lalique II room will be moved to an as yet unknown room nearby, as we have learned that the Lalique II room is unavailable.