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September 23rd, 2022: MOR

Definition: MOR*MORS n a forest humus

Anagrams: rom

Hooks: morA morE morN morS morT

Ana-hooks: Corm Dorm Form From Gorm moOr Norm omEr Prom roAm romP romS roOm Worm

'Typos': cor dor for gor kor lor mar mir moa mob moc mod mog moi mol mom mon moo mop mos mot mow nor tor

Blana-grams: Arm Bro Dom Emo Fro Hom mHo Nom oAr oHm omA omS orA orB orC orE orG orS orT oUr Pom Pro rAm rEm rHo rIm roB roC roD roE roO roT roW rUm Som Tom Yom

Extensions: ARmor AmorT HUmor RUmor SmorG TUmor morAE morAL morAS morAY morEL morES morNS morON morPH morRO morSE morTS ARmorS ARmorY AmorAL CLAmor ENAmor FEmorA GLAmor HUmorS MEmorY REmorA RUmorS SmorGS TERmor TREmor TUmorS morALE morALS morASS morAYS morBID morEEN morELS morGAN morGEN morGUE morION morISH morNAY morONS morOSE morPHO morPHS morRIS morROS morROW morSEL morTAL morTAR morULA ANYmorE ARmorED ARmorER AmorINI AmorINO AmorIST AmorOSO AmorOUS BImorPH CAmorRA CLAmorS DImorPH ENAmorS FEmorAL GLAmorS HUmorAL HUmorED IMmorAL OXYmorA REmorAS REmorID REmorSE RUmorED TERmorS TREmorS TUmorAL UNmorAL morAINE morALES morALLY morASSY morCEAU morDANT morDENT morEENS morEISH morELLE morELLO morGANS morGENS morGUES morIONS morNAYS (and 629 more)

Sub-anagrams: mo om or

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