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September 18th, 2022: SURBASE

Definition: SURBASE*SURBASES n a molding or border above the base of a structure

Anagrams: abusers rubasse

Hooks: surbaseD surbaseS

Ana-hooks: absTruse aIrbuses rubasseS subareAs subraCes

'Typos': subbase

Blana-grams: abAsers abJures absurDs aMusers arbuTes arCuses arGuses arOuses assuMer assureD assureR assureS barLess barQues basHers basQues basTers beJasus bOurses braIses braLess brasHes brasseD brasseS brassIe breasTs bruIses brusHes bureaUs burGess bursaRs bursaTe burseRa busBars busHers busKers busTers Causers Cesuras Daubers earbuDs Masseur Pausers rasuRes rebasEs rebusEs resEaus rubaCes saMburs sauCers sauGers saureLs saurIes serDabs sQuares subareA subraCe subsaLe subserE suCrase uNbears uPbears ureasEs Varuses Zebrass

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abs abuse abuser abuses ae ar arb arbs are ares ars arse arses as ass assure aures ba bar bare bares bars bas base baser bases bass basser be bear bears beau beaus bes bra brae braes bras brass bur bura buras burs bursa bursae bursas burse burses bus buses buss ear ears eau er era eras ers es ess ras rase rases re reb rebs rebus res rub rube rubes rubs rue rues ruse ruses sab sabe saber sabers sabes sabre sabres sabs sae sau sea sear sears seas ser sera sers sub suba subas suber subers subs subsea sue suer suers sues sura suras sure sus urase urases urb urbs urea ureas ursa ursae us use user users uses

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