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May 24th, 2017: TOSA

Definition: TOSA*TOSAS n a dog of a breed of mastiff

Anagrams: oast oats stoa taos

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: aLtos asCot atoMs aUtos Boast Boats Botas Coast Coats Costa Datos Doats Fatso Goats Hosta Iotas Jatos Jotas Lotas Lotsa Moats oastS oatHs ostIa Ratos Roast Rotas saBot saNto sHoat soFta soRta stoaE stoaI stoaS stoaT stoMa taCos taRos tasSo toaDs toasT toEas toGas toLas toRas tosaS

'Typos': dosa toea toga tola tora tosh toss tost

Blana-grams: aBos aCts aDos aIts aLso aLto aLts aNts aPos aRts atEs atoM atoP aUto aVos Bast Bats Boas Boat Bota Bots Cast Cats Coat Cost Cots Dato Doat Dost Dots East Eats Etas Fast Fats Gast Gats Goas Goat Hast Hats Host Hots Iota Jato Jota Jots Kats Koas Last Lats Lost Lota Lots Mast Mats Moas Moat Most Mots Naos Nota oaFs oaKs oaRs oatH oatY oBas oCas oDas oKas oMas oOts oPas oPts oRts osaR osSa oUst oUta oUts oWts Past Pats Post Pots Qats Rato Rats Rota Rots saGo saLt satE satI sCat sCot sEat sEta sHat sHot sKat sLat sLot sNot soaK soaP soaR soBa soCa soDa soFa soFt soJa soLa soMa soOt soRa soRt sotH sotS soYa sPat sPot staB staG staR staT staW staY stoB stoP stoT stoW sWat sWot taBs taCo taDs taGs taMs taNs taPs taRo taRs tasE tasK tasS taTs taUs taVs taWs tEas toaD toDs toEs toGs toMs toNs toPs toRs toTs toWs toYs tsaR tWas tWos Utas Vast Vats Wast Wats Wost Wots

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: as at oat os sat so sot ta tao tas to

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