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May 9th, 2017: AGONISM

Definition: AGONISM*AGONISMS n a contest or struggle

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: agonismS

Ana-hooks: angiomAs anTismog Coamings masoniNg oRganism Roamings Vamosing

'Typos': agonise agonist

Blana-grams: agnosiA agoniEs amnioNs amongsT amUsing angiomA anomiEs anosmiA anosmiC aRmings Bagnios Camions Coaming Comings Daimons Domains Enigmas Foaming gaBions gaminEs gaminGs gamMons ganoiDs giTanos gLiomas gnomisH gnomisT imagoEs isogamY isogRam Lingams Loaming magiAns maKings maLigns maLison mangoEs manioCs maniTos mansioN maRgins masHing masKing masoniC masSing masTing maTings maYings mignoNs moaniNg moaTing moRgans mosHing mosSing moUsing moWings onaNism oRigans Roaming sEaming sHaming siamAng signoRa smoKing soaKing soaPing soaRing

Extensions: ANTagonism ANTagonismS

Sub-anagrams: ag agin agio agios agism ago agon agons ags ai aim aims ain ains ais am ami amigo amigos amin amino aminos amins amis amnio amnios among an ani anis as gain gains gam gamin gamins gams gan gas gi gin gins gis gismo go goa goas gonia gos imago imagos in ins ion ions is ism ma mag magi mags main mains man mango mangos mano manos mans mas mason mi mig migs mina minas mis miso mo moa moan moans moas mog mogs moi mon monas mons mos na nag nags nam naoi naos nim nims no nog nogs nom noma nomas noms nos ogam ogams oi om oma omas oms on ons os sag sago sain san sang si sig sigma sign signa sim sima sin sing smog snag snog so som soma soman son song

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