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September 20th, 2016: BEAL

Definition: BEAL*BEALS n an infected sore (a painful place on the body)

Anagrams: able bale blae

Hooks: bealS

Ana-hooks: abelE ableD ableR ableS aMble baBel baGel baleD baleR baleS belaY belGa blaDe blaMe blaRe blaSe blaTe blaZe bleaK bleaR bleaT Cable Fable Gable Gleba labeL Sable Table

'Typos': baal bead beak beam bean bear beat beau bell deal feal heal leal meal peal real seal teal veal weal zeal

Blana-grams: abBe abeD abeT ablY abYe alAe albA albS aleC aleE aleF aleS alMe alOe aXel aXle baBe baDe baIl baKe balD balK balL balM balS baNe baRe baSe baTe baWl belS belT beMa beTa bIle blaB blaG blaH blaM blaT blaW bleB bleD bleT bleW blUe bOla bOle bRae Dale eaRl eGal elaN Flab Flea Gale Hale Ilea Kale labS laCe laDe laKe laMb laMe laNe laSe laTe laVe laZe leaD leaF leaK leaN leaP leaR leaS leVa lObe lUbe Mabe Male Nabe Olea Pale Plea Pleb Rale Sabe Sale Slab Tael Tale Tela Vale Vela Wale

Extensions: bealING bealINGS

Sub-anagrams: ab ae al alb ale ba bal be bel el la lab lea

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