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March 8th, 2016: NORTENA

Definition: NORTENA*NORTENAS n a style of folk music of northern Mexico and Texas

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: nortenaS

Ana-hooks: anoInter neGatron nonrateD ornaMent reanoInt reSonant tenorMan Unornate Wantoner

'Typos': norteno

Blana-grams: annoYer anotHer atonerS Baronet Baronne Connate Donnert enaCtor enatIon entEron entraIn entranT Fornent Intoner Lantern Moneran Montane natronS neGaton neGator neonatE neUtron nonartS nonMeat oPerant oUtearn Pronate Protean reBoant reGnant reMnant rontGen Santero Senator tannerS tannerY tenonEr ternIon tonearM tonnaGe tonneaU tonnerS trannIe treaSon

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aeon aero an ane anent anon ant ante antre ar are art at ate atone atoner ear earn eat en eon er era ern et eta etna na nae nan nano natron ne near neat neon net no nona nonart none nonet nor not nota note noter oar oat oaten oater oe on one or ora orate ore ornate ort ran rant rat rate rato re reno rent ret roan roe rot rota rote ta tae tan tanner tao tar tare tarn taro te tea tear ten tenno tenon tenor tern to toe toea ton tone toner tonne tonner tor tora tore torn trona trone

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