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March 22nd, 2016: SHEITEL

Definition: SHEITEL*SHEITELS n a wig worn by a married Jewish woman

Anagrams: sheltie

Hooks: sheitelS

Ana-hooks: sheltieS shitHeel theeliNs

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Bethels eeliEst eleGist eleGits elMiest eOliths ePistle etOiles eVilest Felsite hAlites heisteD heisteR heliAst heliCes heliXes helMets hesSite hitlesS hOliest hOstile isleteD leFties leFtish leisteR leNites letChes liChees lieFest lieVest liseNte listeeS lithesT lithOes Pelites Retiles seCtile setliNe seXtile shelteR shteTel sleeKit sleiGht slitheR steeliE steRile teChies telesiS telLies teNsile theeliN theiNes thieVes thisTle tielesS Velites Whistle

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: eel eels eh el elhi elite elites els else es est et eth eths he heel heels heil heils heist hes hest het hets hi hie hies hilt hilts his hist hit hits is isle islet istle it its lee lees leet leets lei leis les lest let lethe lethes lets li lie lies lis list listee lit lite lites lithe lits see seel sei sel set sh she sheet shiel shit shite si silt sit site sith sleet slit steel stele stile te tee teel teels tees tel tele teles tels tes the thee these this ti tie ties til tile tiles tils tis

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