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April 22nd, 2015: DERATION

Definition: DERATION*DERATIONED*DERATIONING*DERATIONS v to free (as food) from rationing

Anagrams: arointed ordinate rationed

Hooks: derationS

Ana-hooks: arYtenoid notariSed notariZed ordinateS Predation redaCtion

'Typos': aeration delation duration

Blana-grams: aCtioned aCtioner adroiteR aneroidS anodiSer anodiZer anoiNted anoiNter anoretiC anterioR antHerid antidorA antidoTe antiHero antiNode antiPode aroYnted aSteroid aStonied atroPine atTorned Baritone Cartoned Catenoid Centroid Ceratoid Creation daintIer daneWort deBonair deratinG detainEr detrainS deViator diatronS diCentra diPteran diPteron doCtrine doMinate donatiVe dorMient doWnrate draGonet Gradient ideatIon idoLater indeNtor indUrate intorTed intradoS iodInate Keratoid Mediator nitraTed noNrated notarieS notariSe notariZe noteCard oBtained oBtainer ordaineD ordaineR orGandie orientaL orientEd Pronated radioMen randieSt ratoOned reaCtion reanoiNt redatinG reLation reoBtain reoRdain retainEd retinoId rUinated Sedation Senorita Strained taBorine taenioId taiLored tandoOri teardoWn tenToria teraToid teTanoid tornadiC treadinG trendoiD trinodaL Urinated

Extensions: FEderation MOderation derationED FEderationS MOderationS SIderation# derationING DESIderation IMMOderation PONderation# SIderationS# CONFEderation CONSIderation DESIderationS IMMOderationS PONderationS# CONFEderationS CONSIderationS PREPONderation INCONSIderation PREPONderationS RECONSIderation

Sub-anagrams: ad adit ado adore adorn adroit ae aeon aero ai aid aide aider ain air aired airn airt airted ait an and andro ane aneroid ani anode ant ante anted anti antired antre ar ardent are arid aroid aroint art at ate atone atoned atoner da dan danio dare darn dart date dater dato de deair dean dear den denar denari deni dent derat detain detrain diatron die diet din dinar dine diner dinero dino dint dire dirt dit dita dite do doat doe doer doit don dona donair donate done dor dore dot dote doter dotier drain drat droit drone ear earn eat ed edit editor en end entia eon er era ern et eta etna id idea ident in inert inro inroad inter into intro iodate ion iota irade irate ire ired iron irone ironed it na nadir nae naoi nard ne near neat nerd net nidate nide nit nite niter nitre nitro no nod node nodi noir nor nori noria norite not nota note noted noter oar oared oat oaten oater oatier od oda ode odea oe oi on one or ora orad orate orated ordain ore oread orient ornate ort rad radio radon rai raid rain (and 124 more)

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