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April 17th, 2015: TRIALED

Definition: 1. TRIALED verb_past (see TRIAL 1) 2. TRIAL*TRIALED*TRIALING*TRIALLED*TRIALLING*TRIALS v to test something to assess its performance

Anagrams: dilater redtail trailed

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: artiCled detailEr detriTal dilaterS diPteral elatErid idOlater laCertid lardieSt lariAted liBrated redtailS retailEd tailOred trialLed triPedal

'Typos': trailed triaged trifled trilled tripled

Blana-grams: airdAte airtHed alertEd alterEd aNtired arideSt artiCle aStride ateliEr atTired Bedrail Brailed Citadel dalLier dariOle dartleD dartleS deCrial delatOr delirIa deltaiC derailS detailS detraiN deXtral dialeCt dialerS dialLer diaSter dietarY dilateD dilateS dilatOr dilUter diPtera diSrate driBlet ediCtal Flirted Gladier Glaired iratelY Kirtled ladDier lardieR laterAd latHier latriNe leadiEr leOtard liBrate liGated liPread literaL lYrated Maltier Marlite Partied Pirated Plaited Plaiter Platier Predial radiAle radiAte radiCel radiCle railBed ralLied ratliKe ratliNe ratTled readilY readMit realiSt realitY reCital redBait redialS relatEd reliaNt retailS retilEd retiNal retRial ridaBle riValed Saltier Saltire Slatier Staider tailerS talCier taliPed talKier talLied talLier tardieR tardieS tardilY tardiVe tarRied tearilY teNdril terTial tHirled tiarAed tidDler tiradeS tiredlY traiKed traileR traiNed traWled treadlE treNail triaBle triBade triClad triNdle tWirled Uralite Uredial

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adit ae ai aid aide aider ail ailed air aired airt airted ait al alder ale alert alit alt alter ar are arid ariel aril ariled art artel at ate da dal dale dare dart dartle date dater de deair deal dealt dear deil del deli delt delta derail derat detail dial dialer die diel diet dilate dire dirl dirt dit dita dite drail drat ear earl eat ed edit el eld er era et eta id idea ideal idle idler ilea irade irate ire ired it la lad lade lader laid lair laird laired lar lard lari lat late lated later lati lea lead lear led lei let li liar liard lid lidar lie lied lier lira lire lit lite liter litre rad rai raid rail railed rale rat rate rated ratel re read real red redia redial rei relaid relit ret retail retia retial ria rial rid ride riel rile riled rite ta tad tae tael tail tailed tailer tale taler tali tar tare tared te tea teal tear ted tel tela telia terai ti tidal tide tie tied tier til tilde tile tiled tiler tirade tire tired tirl tirled trad trade trail tread triad trial tried

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