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April 13th, 2015: ANODISE


Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: anodiseD anodiseR anodiseS

Ana-hooks: adenoiDs adenosiS adHesion adoniseS aGonised aMidones aneRoids anodiZes asTonied Bedsonia Codeinas daiMones diaGnose dioCesan dioXanes doMaines sedaTion

'Typos': anodize

Blana-grams: aCinose aCnodes adenoiD adioseS adiPose adJoins aGonies aGonise aMidone aneRoid aniseEd anisoLe anoMies aTonies Bandies Basined Candies Coadies Codeias Codeina Codeins daeMons daiKons daiMons danDies daPsone deaCons deniaLs desTain deTains dineRos dinGoes dioXane dioXans doesKin doMaine doMains doMines donaiRs donaTes eModins ePinaos eRasion eVasion Fadeins Ganoids Hoidens inCased indoLes indoRse inRoads insTead inVades iodaTes iodInes ionIsed isoLead Ladinos Maidens Masoned Medians Medinas Misdone Monades naeVoid naiAdes nidaTes nodDies noYades oRdains oRdines oXidase Pandies Radioes Randies Roadies Rosined sadiRon sainTed sandieR saRdine saTined seCondi senoPia sideMan snaiLed soRdine sTained Toadies

Extensions: anodiseRS

Sub-anagrams: ad adios ado adonis ados ads ae aeon aeons ai aid aide aides aids ain ains ais an and ands ane anes ani anis anise anode anodes as aside da dais dan danio danios dans das de dean deans den deni dens desi die dies din dine dines dino dinos dins dis do doe does don dona donas done dons donsie dos dosa dosai dose ed eds eidos en end ends ens eon eons eosin es id idea ideas ides ids in ins ion ions is na nae naes naoi naos ne nide nides no nod node nodes nodi nods noes noise noised nos nose nosed od oda odas ode odea odes ods oe oes oi on one ones ons onside os ose sad sade sadi sae said sain sained san sand sane saned sea sedan sei sen send si side sin sine sned snide so sod soda son sonde sone

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