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March 21st, 2011: FRENETIC

Definition: FRENETIC*FRENETICS n a frantic person

Anagrams: infecter reinfect

Hooks: freneticS

Ana-hooks: infecterS interfAce refectinG refectiOn reinfectS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: ceintUre centiAre creAtine entericS enticerS enUretic erectinG erectiOn fernieSt fierceSt Gentrice inceNter increAte infecteD infectOr infeSter iterAnce neOteric Prentice reincIte reinJect reticenT Secretin terPenic

Extensions: freneticISM freneticALLY freneticISMS

Sub-anagrams: cee cent center centre cere cerite cete cine cire cite citer cretin crit ef eft en enter enteric entice enticer entire er ere erect ern erne et etic fe fee feet feint fen fence fencer fer fere ferine fern fet fete fice fie fierce fin fine finer fir fire firn fit free fret frit ice if in inert infect infer inter ire it ne nee neif net nice nicer niece nit nite niter nitre re rec recent recit recite recti ree reef ref refect refine refit reft rei reif rein rent rente ret rete retie retine rice rif rife rift rin rite tee teen ten tenrec terce tern terne ti tic tie tier tierce tin tine tire tree treen tref trice triene trine

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