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March 2nd, 2011: REGULATE

Definition: REGULATE*REGULATED*REGULATES*REGULATING v to control according to rule

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: regulateD regulateS

Ana-hooks: gauleIter

'Typos': regelate

Blana-grams: eglaterE eXergual geStural grateFul laugHter laureAte leaguerS lIgature Outglare regeNtal relegatE reSalute telegraM tuTelage ulCerate ureteRal

Extensions: DEregulateD DEregulateS REregulateD REregulateS UNregulateD NONregulateD DEregulate(S) OVERregulateD OVERregulateS REregulate(S) OVERregulate(S) THERMOregulateD THERMOregulateS THERMOregulate(S)

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age agee ager aglee aglet agree ague al ale alee alert alt alter ar are arete argle argue art artel at ate auger eager eagle eaglet eagre ear earl eat eater eau eel egal eger egret el elate elater eluate elute er era ere erg ergate et eta gae gal gale galere gar gat gate gater gault gaur gear gee gel gelate gelt get geta glare glee gleet glue gluer glut glute grat grate great gree greet grue gruel guar gul gular gut la lag lager lar laree large lat late later latu lea league leaguer lear lee leer leet leg legate leger let leu lug luge luger lure lute lutea rag rage ragee rale rat rate ratel re real ree reel reg regal regale reglet reglue relate relet ret retag rete rue rug ruga rugae rugal rugate rule rut ta tae tael tag tale taler tar tare targe tau tea teal tear tee teel teg tegua tegular tel tela telae tele telega terga tergal tree true trug tug tule ultra urate urea ureal urge ut uta ute

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