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August 1st, 2011: UNTASTED

Definition: UNTASTED adj not tasted

Anagrams: unstated

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: deButants

'Typos': unbasted untested unwasted

Blana-grams: audIents daunteRs deButant Gauntest Instated nutMeats Outdates Outstand sInuated sItuated sQuatted standOut stRunted studentS taunteRs tautenEd tautnesS tRansude tRuanted unHatted unMatted unsaLted unseatEd unstateS unstaYed unsteadY untReads

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ads adust ae an and ands ane anes ant ante anted antes ants anus as astute at ate ates att attend attends attune attuned attunes aunt aunts dan dans date dates daunt daunts daut dauts de dean deans den dens dent dents due dues duet duets dun dune dunes duns dunt dunts dust east eat eats eau ed eds en end ends ens es et eta etas etna etnas na nae nates ne neat neats nest net nets nett netts nu nude nudes nudest nus nut nutate nutated nutates nuts nutted sad sade sae sand sane saned sat sate sated sau saute sauted sea seat sedan sen send sent set seta sett sned stade stand stane staned stat state stated statue statued stead stent stet stud student stun stunt stunted sue sued suet sun sundae sutta ta tad tads tae tan tans tas taste tasted tat tate tates tats tau taunt taunted taunts taus taut tauted tauten tautens tauts tea teas teat teats ted teds ten tend tends tendu tendus tens tent tents test testa tet tetanus tets tsade tun tuna tunas tune tuned tunes tuns tut tuts un unde uns unsated unseat unset unstate us use used usnea (and 6 more)

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