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Try it

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This page describes how Collins differs from OTCWL as a playing lexicon, and is part of our introduction to Collins (SOWPODS) in North America.

Try It!

While these pages have attempted to provide information about the CSW game, like many things, the only way to find out if you like it is to try it. There are several possibilities:


Quackle will play the CSW lexicon. In the latest version (0.96), go to the 'Settings' tab and change the lexicon from twl06 to cswapr07. You can also highlight the CSW words as they are played and in the history/choices by going to Preferences under the quacker menu. The words when played will be colored, and when written on screen will be appended by the # sign. Quackle calls CSW the 'British' words. NOTE: use the cswapr07 lexicon and *not* the sowpods lexicon. This is an older version which is no longer used.


The Internet Scrabble Club has a large number of players who play the 'SOWPODS' rather than the 'TWL' lexicon. The former is CSW.

At a club

This could be as simple as two club members agreeing to play a game to CSW. However, many people before have found that allowing a 'cheat sheet' of, for example, the 2s and 3s, and a more relaxed challenge rule, such as 5-10 points, or even no penalty, works well. Some clubs have held evenings where people play CSW.

At a tournament

Current CSW tournaments are listed on the CSW Tournaments tournaments page. Currently, there is a concentration on the west coast of the US, and Toronto, but the number of events has rapidly increased this year. It is also straightforward to add a CSW division to an existing tournament, since software such as tsh and Director will incorporate the NASPA SOWPODS ratings. A CSW division can be rated with 4 or more people, with 2 or more NASPA rated.