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Tournament results

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Since July 2009, this web site has featured tournament results for all sanctioned tournaments. They are filed according to the month in which their results were entered into the rating system: if a tournament is held late in a month and the results are not submitted propmptly, they may be registered in the following month.

Tournament results are available in two formats on this web site, both known as cross-tables; they are also copied from this web site with a slight delay and made available on our partner web site Cross-Tables.com with more detailed statistics. The cross-tables on this site are available in an older format, suitable for compact viewing on a low-bandwidth connection; and a newer format with pictures, suitable for faster connections.

Recent Results

Results before 2009-07 are available courtesy of the NSA.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul

Older Cross-Tables

The older cross-tables feature the following information:

A player’s name as listed in the rating list
A player’s rating before this tournament segment
A player’s rating after this tournament segment
A player’s performance rating during this tournament segment. I.e., the old rating that they would have had to have had for it to have remained unchanged as their new rating.
A player’s win-loss record, showing whether they had a win (W), tie (T), loss (L) or forfeit/bye (B), and the number of their opponent that round.
A player’s number of wins. Half wins may be displayed using a ‘+’ sign.
The number of points by which a player has outscored all of his or her opponents.

Tournaments longer than 16 rounds are rated in two approximately equal segments. Tournaments longer than 36 rounds are rated in three approximately equal segments. If the segments must be of unequal size, then earlier segments are assigned extra rounds. Older cross-tables have one segment per cross-table. Newer cross-tables have one tournament per cross-table, regardless of how many segments the tournament may have had.


Cross-tables are large, and usually print better in landscape orientation, reduced to less than 100% of nominal size.