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(Pellinen resigned from committees)
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* [[Matt Hopkins]] – April 2009
* [[Matt Hopkins]] – April 2009
* [[David Weiss]] – April 2009
* [[David Weiss]] – April 2009
* [[Steve Pellinen]]
* [[Steve Pellinen]] – December 31, 2010
== Decisions ==
== Decisions ==

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The Steering Committee was established in October, 2008, and is comprised of individuals well-known and respected within the tournament SCRABBLE® community. They initially met to discuss the future of tournament SCRABBLE once Hasbro announced that it was focusing its attentions on the School SCRABBLE Program. It is the mandate of the Steering Committee to help create corporate policies and to make recommendations to the Executive Committee of NASPA.

To contact the Steering Committee send an email to naspa-sc@yahoogroups.com.

The committee has the following members:

Current members

Former members


2009-10-27: Approved two NASPA policies concerning endorsements and donations.