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Person of the Year

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Each year at the NASPA Championship, the NASPA Advisory Board honours a NASPA member with the title of Michael R. Wise Memorial Person of the Year for their contributions to our community.

The following table shows for each year the newsletter issue number (if any) in which the award was announced, the awardee and their home state or province.

Year Issue Person of the Year Home Notes
2020–2021 09-30-21 César del Solar, Jesse Day, Conrad Bassett-Bouchard, Lola McKissen, and Josh Castellano USA Woogles founders
2019–2020 08-20-20 Jason Broersma and Sue Tremblay Ontario Tournament directors
2018–2019 07-27-19 Josh Greenway Ontario Social media
2017–2018 08-09-18 Cornelia Guest Connecticut Youth Scrabble
2016–2017 07-27-17 Judy Cole Massachusetts NASPA News editor
2015–2016 08-25-16 Dallas Johnson Ohio NASC director 2012 to 2016
2014–2015 Kate Fukawa-Connelly New Jersey Founding chair of Social Media Committee
2013–2014 John O'Laughlin and Jason Katz-Brown California Quackle developers
2012–2013 Stefan Fatsis D.C. Word Freak author, Scrabble journalist and Youth Scrabble promoter
2011–2012 Michael Thelen Utah Zyzzyva developer
2010–2011 Vol. 3 No. 8 Annette Tedesco New York Tournament organizer
2009 n/a John D. Williams, Jr. and Jane Ratsey Williams New York Heads of the NSA, which had administered the award in previous years
2008 225 Seth Lipkin Massachusetts Co-developers of cross-tables.com
Keith Smith Texas
2007 218 Chris Cree Texas Then NSA Ombudsman. Prior to this year, the award was known as the Michael R. Wise Director of the Year award.
2006 210 John Chew Ontario NSA Webmaster, TSH developer, club and tournament director
2005 202 Sherrie Saint John Massachusetts Tournament director
2004 193 Matthew Hopkins Pennsylvania Tournament director
2003 187 Larry Rand and Barbara Van Alen Arizona Tournament directors
2002 177 Carol Ravichandran Michigan Tournament director
2001 170 RA Fontes and Ruth Hamilton Oregon Tournament director (and in the case of Fontes, TMENU developer)
2000 163 Mary Rhoades Texas Tournament director
1999 155 Margaret Bauer Williams New Jersey Tournament director
1998 148 Mady Garner Tennessee Tournament directors. Prior to this year, the award was known simply as the Director of the Year award.
Bernard Gotlieb Québec
1997 137 Gwen Bishop California Tournament director
1996 129 Siri Tillekeratne Alberta Tournament director
1995 121 Bonnie Rudolph Arizona Tournament director
1994 113 Johnny Nevarez California Tournament director
1993 105 Michael Wise Ontario Tournament director
1992 97 Ron Tiekert New York Tournament director
1991 91 George Heussenstamm California Tournament director
1990 84B K.C. Kozlowski Hoffmeister Florida Tournament director
1989 81 Stan Rubinsky California Tournament director