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Newsletter Committee

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The Newsletter Committee is a NASPA committee established to produce the association’s online newsletter.

To contact the Committee send an email to naspa-news@yahoogroups.com.


The following people are committee members:

Interested volunteers are welcome to contribute to the monthly online newsletter.


The Committee's responsibilities are as follows:

  • prepare and maintain a production schedule of 6-12 months in consultation with the Executive Committee
  • to publish according to this schedule a newsletter
    • of good quality
    • of interest to the members of the Association
    • which promotes the mission of the Association
    • which conforms to the Association's legal and contractual obligations
  • to prepare and publish a suitable editorial policy
  • to solicit suitable editorial content for publication and arrange for its remuneration on terms satisfactory to all
  • to prepare and publish a suitable advertising policy and rate chart
  • to solicit and publish suitable advertising
  • to set subscription rates (possibly free) for online and print editions of the newsletter
  • to set rates of remuneration for Committee members and Newsletter contributors
  • to prepare and update a balanced budget for all of the Committee's above activities

The Committee can refer the following matters to other NASPA Committees:

Executive Committee
review of each issue's conformance to the Association's legal and contractual obligations
Web Committee
web hosting service, integration of subscription services with NASPA member services, online collection of subscription fees


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