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This page is under development and will detail the history of the National SCRABBLE Championship.


Statistics and Winners

2011, Dallas, TX, 327 players, 31 rounds, $34,075 purse
Div. Place Player Record Prize
One 1st Nigel Richards 22-9 +1532 $10,000
2nd Kenji Matsumoto 22-9 +1186 $4,000
3rd Brian Bowman 22-9 +1028 $2,000
Two 1st Richard Spence 25-6 +2207 $2,500
2nd Matt Canik 23-8 +1430 $1,000
3rd Daniel Citron 21-10 +1323 $600

Annual Highlights


The 2011 National SCRABBLE Championship was held at the InterContinental Hotel in Addison, a suburb of Dallas, Texas, the same location as the previous year. A total of 327 players played in at least one game. Nigel Richards became the second person (after Joe Edley) to win Division 1 three times, and the first person to successfully defend the Championship.

In Division 1, Joel Sherman began with an unprecedented two-day, 14-game winning streak but finished well out of the money. At the start of the final day, four players were tied on wins; and in the end, three remained so.

This event was the last of four events directed by Mary Rhoades. Division Leaders were John Robertson (assisted by Lynn Sneed, Dallas Johnson (assisted by Sue Grogan-Johnson) Bennett Jacobstein (assisted by John Merlau) and Dan Stock (assisted by Amy Krafchick). Data entry was performed by Tim Crotty, Reese Daniel and Chris Wiegand. Sherrie Saint John provided color commentary and photos. John D. WIlliams, Jr. and Katie Schulz of the NSA worked PR. Chris Cree and John Chew were on site representing NASPA as needed.

Side events listed on the official schedule were the Staff/Director Early Bird (directed by John Chew, and rated for the first time), the Lunch Bird (directed by Dan Horowitz), a Trivia Competition (directed by Bennett Jacobstein) and a Tag Team Tourney (directed by Brian Galebach).

It was the first event to feature color-coded tablecloths for each division. Player feedback listed by a wide margin their favorite feature of the event as Stefan Fatsis' reading from the additional content in the 10th anniversary reprint of Word Freak.