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In the past, NASPA has supported requests for help with the donation of equipment (tiles, racks, and games). Rather than wait for requests, we are announcing a program where you can apply to receive a grant from NASPA to support Youth SCRABBLE.

Who Can Apply?

Any NASPA member can apply for a NASPA Youth SCRABBLE grant. The grant may be awarded to an organization or program, but a NASPA member must recommend the organization or program.

What Can I Request?

As we all know all too well, the current COVID-19 pandemic presents challenges to SCRABBLE play of any kind, and the usual types of request for support – equipment, for example – may not apply.

Your request could be something as simple as a paid Zoom subscription to support online club sessions. If you are holding online tournaments or events, you might request support for prizes. You might want to develop curriculum materials that can be shared with other Youth SCRABBLE coaches on the NASPA web site.

There are no specific requirements – use your imagination and think how you can support Youth SCRABBLE.

How Do I Apply?

We will accept requests for support of Youth SCRABBLE initiatives and award grants as funds are available.

You should submit a proposal via email. At a minimum, the proposal should contain:

  • NASPA Sponsor – Member name, NASPA ID, and contact information
  • Grant Recipient (if different than NASPA Sponsor) – Contact information for the grant recipient
  • Proposal – Description of your proposed use of the grant and your plan for realizing the use – including a timeline
  • Budget – Amount requested with justification for the expenditure

How Will the Review Process Work?

All applications will be reviewed and evaluated by a committee consisting of the Executive Committee, Advisory Board members, and Youth chair Cornelia Guest.

How Can I Support the NASPA Foundation for Youth Literacy?

You can donate directly to the foundation or you can use Amazon Smile to make online purchases.

When you shop at Amazon Smile, Amazon makes a donation to the NASPA Foundation for Youth Literacy.

Past Recipients of NASPA Youth Grants

October, 2020

NASPA awarded over $4,000 in cash grants and SCRABBLE equipment to the following programs in the first phase of the NASPA Youth SCRABBLE Grants initiative:

  • ASAP (After School Activities Partnerships) SCRABBLE - With more than 1,100 students playing in 85 clubs, Philadelphia ASAP SCRABBLE is the largest program of its kind in the country.The NASPA Youth SCRABBLE Grant will fund the Philly SCRABBLE Mentor Program where high school students will be trained to serve as mentors to younger players.
  • Coming of Age Program - Led by Marley Posey-Moss, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Harford County (MD) will use the grant to introduce SCRABBLE as an activity for the teens participating in the program.
  • Eastern Long Island (NY) School SCRABBLE - Kathy Hummel has coached SCRABBLE for 21 years in the Hampton Bays Schools and for 5 years at the Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center. The grant will underwrite a Zoom account and other expenses for the programs this year.
  • Metairie (LA) Academy for Advanced Studies (MAAS) School SCRABBLE Club - The club, started last year by Metairie NASPA Club #541, had 16 students from 1st through 4th grade meet weekly for 22 weeks during the 2019-2020 school year. The grant will help to fund the club's ongoing activities - in particular, the development of a 32-lesson curriculum that can be shared with other programs.
  • Northampton (MA) School District - Ben Greenwood, who has run a club at the middle school for many years, plans to use the grant to expand the program to the elementary schools and high school this year.


Contact us at info@scrabbleplayers.org.