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To encourage youth SCRABBLE players, NASPA established the Youth Achievement Awards in 2017.

Achievement Points

Youth players are awarded achievement points for competing successfully in NASPA-rated, School SCRABBLE, and Youth SCRABBLE tournaments.

Players get 1 point for each tournament they finish, plus 1 point for each game they win. Both members of a team get full points in School SCRABBLE events.

In addition, bonus points are awarded to the top 4 finishers in each division of a tournament:

  • 5 points for 1st
  • 3 points for 2nd
  • 2 points for 3rd
  • 1 point for 4th

Award Categories

The award season runs from the beginning of a North American SCRABBLE Championship to the beginning of the next championship where the winners will be announced.

There are 3 grade categories of Youth Achievement Awards:

  • Elementary School - Grades 2 through 5
  • Middle School - Grades 6 through 8
  • High School - Grades 9 through 12

Players in each category will be recognized for the most achievement points earned.

Players finishing the year with the highest NASPA rating in each category will also be honored.

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