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Mobile issues

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Revision as of 11:44, 13 August 2017 by CM000003 (talk | contribs) (Resolved issues: resolved)

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This page documents issues that have arisen during the transition to our website’s mobile transition, and their resolution.

Major open issues

These issues strongly affect functionality or user experience, and need to be resolved early in the development process, but do not need to delay launch.

  • home page content is incomplete
  • home page design is incomplete
    • bare-bones look is intentional (fast load time, not cluttered on small screen), but possibly a little too sparse
      • should there be additional items in the top-left menu? (MediaWiki does not make them easy to add)
  • some existing NASPAWiki content is inappropriately formatted for mobile and needs a redesign; having a complete list would be useful here
  • all non-wiki content will eventually need to be redesigned to match mobile wiki formatting
    • migrating CGI content to mod_perl may be an appropriate part of this process
  • Apache Mobile Filter (or other mobile detector) will need to be installed in the webserver

Minor open issues

These issues should be addressed before the project is declared complete.

  • Style sheet should include a new section on mobile-compatible design to avoid future incompatibilities

Resolved issues

  • install and activate MobileFrontend in NASPAWiki
  • change page title of mobile home page to Mobile Home Page by editing [[MediaWiki::Mainpage]]
  • have mobile home page redirect to Welcome to NASPA (Mobile); otherwise special-case formatting keeps headings from being clickable
  • basic redesign of home page
  • need to install Apache mod_perl, a prerequisite for Apache Mobile Filter
  • added NASPA logo to CSS for heading
  • if you click on desktop view at the bottom of the mobile view, there does not appear to be a way to return to mobile view, ever
    • this appears to be the result of a cookie called stopMobileRedirect being created
    • it goes away if you append ?mobileaction=toggle_view_mobile to your URL
    • There is now a "mobile" link in desktop view to the right of the logo
  • this page transferred from development server to production server
  • current home page content is partially based on the state of the website in 2014, needs to be updated for 2017