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  AA000217 Verna Richards Berg
  AA000217 Verna Richards Berg
  AA000218 Mark Berg
  AA000218 Mark Berg
AA000219 Lisa Slankard
  AA000229 Lisa Odom
  AA000229 Lisa Odom
  AA000247 Debbie Scholz
  AA000247 Debbie Scholz

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Membership in NASPA currently costs US$30 per year (regardless of residence: U.S., Canada or overseas), which may be paid in different ways:

  • by check (drawn on a U.S. bank) or money order, payable to NASPA, and sent with a completed membership form, sent to:
DALLAS TX  75225-7216 
  • online through PayPal.com, paid to accounts@scrabbleplayers.org (if you do not have a PayPal account, you will need to provide a major credit card and set up a PayPal account). You may fax your membership form to Chris Cree, +1 214 891 9370 (fax).
  • some Steering Committee members are willing to accept cash payments in person to forward on to NASPA
  • online payment through this web site using PayPal, eCheck or major credit cards will be available before July 1st, 2009

Memberships purchased on or before December 31, 2009 have an extended initial term: your membership will be valid from the receipt of your dues through December 31, 2010. After that, each membership term is up to one calendar year (from January 1 through December 31).

The main current benefits of membership are:

  • Eligibility to play in NSA or NASPA tournaments
  • Subscription to a short monthly news bulletin in electronic form

More benefits will be added as the NASPA Membership Committee prepares them.

In addition, players who join NASPA before July 1 will receive low-numbered membership numbers, a visible demonstration of their support for our nascent organization. Players who have a specific number that they want for their membership number may obtain it by paying a higher membership fee of US$50, provided the number is still available.

Effective July 1, 2009, players must be NASPA members to play in sanctioned tournaments. The cost and benefits of membership will be evaluated and may be changed at the end of 2009.

Current Members

A list of current members follows, and may be used by tournament directors to determine membership status. At some time before July 1, this list will be replaced by a database with web access. “$” indicates that a player has mailed a check for membership fee, but the check has not yet been received.

AA000001 Jane R. Williams
AA000002 John D. Williams
AA000003 Sam Dick-Onuoha
AA000004 Carol Kaplan 
AA000005 Dee Segrest
AA000006 Mike Early
AA000007 John Aitken
AA000008 Mark Kenas
AA000009 Bill Clark
AA000010 Marty Gabriel
AA000011 Sam Kantimathi
AA000012 Daiva Markelis
AA000013 Stan Miranda
AA000014 Case Mundy
AA000015 John Redding
AA000016 Taylor Stoy
AA000017 Kirsi Lindgren
AA000018 Thomas Tremont
AA000019 Kate Watson
AA000020 Linda Wancel
AA000021 Chris Williams
AA000022 Rebecca Lambert
AA000023 Scott Garner
AA000024 Becky Dyer
AA000025 Sue Gable
AA000026 Deborah Gaudier
AA000027 Paul Hagelstein
AA000028 Bennett Jacobstein
AA000029 Kathy Johnson
AA000030 Danny Kidd
AA000031 Cheryl Melvin
AA000032 Paul Mulik
AA000033 Sandy Nang
AA000034 Laura Scheimberg
AA000035 William Snoddy
AA000036 Marina A Villena
AA000037 Ed Horch
AA000038 Mary Ellen Weisskopf
AA000041 Amy Simms
AA000042 Stephane Clare
AA000043 Jane Whitmore
AA000044 Brad Mills
AA000045 Tracy Bowman
AA000046 Diane Firstman
AA000047 Mary Pastore
AA000048 M.W. Schroeder
AA000049 Martin Weisskopf
AA000050 Paul Avrin
AA000051 Robin Pollock Daniel
AA000052 Pat Hardwick
AA000053 Stefan Rau
AA000054 Terry Kang Rau
AA000055 David Whitley
AA000056 Fred Oswald
AA000057 Jason Ubeika
AA000058 Shelley Ubeika
AA000059 Linley Bingham
AA000060 John Fultz
AA000061 Jean McArthur
AA000062 Wendell Smith
AA000063 Linda Bianca
AA000064 Monique Kornell
AA000065 Gene Rawlins
AA000066 Christopher Sykes
AA000067 Cynthia Hughes
AA000068 Stanley Angrist
AA000069 Jim Geary
AA000070 Wilma Swank-Pitzer
AA000071 Ginger White
AA000072 Kevin Schutz
AA000073 Evan Berofsky
AA000074 Cornelia Guest
AA000075 Aune Mitchell
AA000076 Ed Saunders
AA000078 Etta BrooksPPV
AA000079 Kate Fukawa-Connelly
AA000080 Alicia Reeves
AA000081 Luise Shafritz
AA000082 Mona Larsen
AA000083 Cesar Del Solar 
AA000084 Donna Balkan
AA000085 Tobey Roland
AA000086 Ola Lane
AA000087 Karen Slaton
AA000088 Samantha Nelson
AA000089 Annette Nelson
AA000090 Jeremy Jeffers
AA000091 Lynda Shayne
AA000092 Bruce Shuman
AA000093 Phyllis Gelb
AA000094 John Spangler
AA000095 Sheri Justice
AA000096 Amanda Hubble  
AA000097 Melissa Routzahn  
AA000098 Toni Douglas
AA000099 Randy Hersom
AA000100 Dallas Johnson$
AA000101 Paul May
AA000102 Joseph Gaspard 
AA000103 Laurie Cohen
AA000104 Lane Lynn
AA000106 Scott Smith
AA000107 Andy Saunders
AA000108 Daval Davis
AA000109 Ellen Lin
AA000110 Stefan Fatsis 
AA000111 Joetta Wilkinson  
AA000112 Mark Peltier
AA000113 Paul McCarthy
AA000114 Peggy Grant  
AA000115 Olivia Durant 
AA000116 Liz Gottlin
AA000117 David Kulansky
AA000118 Marilyn Kulansky 
AA000119 Sarah Jacobson
AA000120 Karen Lundeen 
AA000121 Olinga Flisock
AA000122 Carolyn Boyd
AA000123 Barbara Van Alen
AA000124 David Weiss
AA000125 Barry Keith
AA000126 Julia Bogle
AA000127 Jeremy Frank
AA000128 Barbara Kester
AA000129 Jo Anne Cohen
AA000130 Jim Burlant
AA000131 James Johnson
AA000132 Mike Wier
AA000133 Jillian Bathgate
AA000134 Grace Schmidt
AA000135 Brenda Casey
AA000136 Barbara Epstein
AA000137 James Lamerand
AA000138 Sarah King 
AA000139 Joel Elkins 
AA000140 Gary Moss
AA000141 Kurt Bloeser
AA000142 Roberta Krenek
AA000143 Ross Brown
AA000144 Blanca Witteman
AA000145 Brian Pepper
AA000147 Pamina Deutsch 
AA000148 David Klionsky 
AA000149 Judy Cole
AA000150 Jennifer Hinojosa
AA000151 Darryl Wylie 
AA000152 David Goodman
AA000153 John Dalton
AA000154 Shirley Apley
AA000155 Allan Simon
AA000156 Eliza Gallagher
AA000157 Sharon Crawford-Mackay
AA000158 John Green
AA000159 Bert Tellone
AA000160 Pamela Hunter
AA000161 Nicholas Fall
AA000162 Janice Anderson
AA000163 Jeff Clark
AA000164 Vivian Minden
AA000165 Daniel Tinkleman
AA000166 Yvonne Knickerbocker
AA000167 Melissa Brown
AA000168 Robert Enzer
AA000169 Ruth Enzer
AA000170 Joann Goddard
AA000171 Judy Horn
AA000172 Joel Horn
AA000173 Brendan Huang$
AA000174 Marc Levesque
AA000175 Mitch Bayersdorfer 
AA000176 Suzette Rodriguez 
AA000177 Tim Wise
AA000178 Jeremiah Mead
AA000179 Linda Stephanides
AA000180 Sue Miller
AA000181 Meghan Mills
AA000182 Tim Bottorff
AA000183 Kerri Bottorff
AA000184 Phyllis Koselke
AA000185 Carol Dustin 
AA000186 Alice Van Leunen 
AA000187 Rebecca Slivka
AA000188 Anita Frisch
AA000189 Roy Kamen
AA000190 Maddy Kamen
AA000191 Frank Lee
AA000192 Connie Breitbeil
AA000193 Mary Lou Goetz
AA000194 Jason Hlady
AA000195 Edmond Wilson
AA000196 Wesley Eddings
AA000197 Karen Falconer
AA000198 Stephanie Steele
AA000199 Linda Hoggatt
AA000200 Huguette Settle
AA000201 Ben Settle
AA000202 Vaughn Sandor
AA000203 Mira Stulman
AA000204 Betty King
AA000205 Webster Phillips
AA000206 Christopher Ross
AA000207 Joyce Stock
AA000208 Maureen Delgado
AA000209 Jason D Brooks
AA000210 Paul Holser
AA000211 Su Edwards
AA000212 Patricia McGuinness
AA000213 Phyllis Owen
AA000214 Joy Nees
AA000215 Karen DaCosta
AA000216 Brett Constantine 
AA000217 Verna Richards Berg
AA000218 Mark Berg
AA000219 Lisa Slankard
AA000229 Lisa Odom
AA000247 Debbie Scholz
AA000333 Frank Kashuk
AA000613 Jesse Kellerman
AA000666 Kevin Turner
AA000675 Ann Vyce 
AA000696 Carla Cree
AA000720 Faith Cree
AA000818 Zana Anderson
AA001111 Mike Baron
AA001122 Judy Newhouse
AA481516 Winter

NASPA Committee Members pay the same fees as regular members, but are recognized with special membership numbers. CM000001–CM000016 are reserved for Steering Committee members.

CM000001 Mary Rhoades
CM000002 Chris Cree
CM000003 John Chew$
CM000004 John Robertson
CM000005 Mad Palazzo
CM000006 Alan Stern
CM000007 Steve Pellinen 
CM000008 Robert Kahn
CM000017 Tapani Lindgren
CM000018 Geoff Thevenot
CM000019 Tony Leah
CM000020 Chris Lipe
CM000021 Steve Oliger
CM000023 Susan Hoehn
CM000024 Dave Wiegand
CM000025 Robert Gillis
CM000026 Jim Hughes
CM000027 Carl Johnson
CM000028 Daniel Stock
CM000077 Larry Rand