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Legacy software

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In the long technological history of our game, some developers have ended support for their legacy software. We list it here to document this status, and to recognize contributions to our history.


  • Features: game analysis
  • Developer: James Cherry
  • System: Unix
  • Notes: used to provide game analyses to users of DOoM servers, is no longer available.

Franklin Electronic Dictionary

  • Features: anagramming, dictionary, simple games
  • System: standalone device
  • Notes: was sold through Word Gear and other stores for approximately $50, allows lookup and definition of OSPD4 words. Use a password to unlock OWL2 words (no definitions for them). Was not authorized for word judging (no multiple word lookup and wordlist hasn't been verified).


  • Features: anagramming, word judge
  • Developer: Paul Sidorsky
  • Notes: Search for words for a given rack or set of tiles. Word judge feature never sanctioned for official use.
  • System: Palm OS


  • Features: anagramming, study, word judge
  • Developer: M.G. Ravichandran
  • Systems: Windows, Windows CE (palm-pc)
  • Notes: No longer supported or easily available, but a Windows version is available at www.valuecube.com/lexpert.


  • Features: anagramming, definitions
  • Systems: Palm OS, Windows Mobile
  • Notes: $10 to disable registration nagware that pops up every few lookups, allows upload of OSPD4 definitions and OWL2 up to 8 letters. Other lexica available.


  • Features: tournament management
  • Developer: RA Fontes, tournament management software
  • Systems: DOS, Windows
  • Notes: was widely used in the United States but iis no longer distributed.


  • Features: tournament management
  • Developer: Jeff Widergren
  • System: Windows
  • Notes: Developed under contract for use at the National SCRABBLE Championship and widely used elsewhere in the United States. Limited set of features but easy to learn.

WeDict Pro

  • Features: definitions, word search
  • Developer: unknown
  • System: iOS
  • Notes: $5.99 for app including OSPD4. OWL2 up to 8 letters can be added by clicking in app on Download Dictionaries, then Download from URL, then type (not click) http://app.weiphone.com/wedict/upload/files/TWL2-8.zip


  • Features: word judge
  • Developer: John Babina
  • System: DOS or Windows (requires bootable floppy drive)
  • Notes: Was certified for tournament and club use as a word judge. Was available from metagrams.com.