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The following message went out to our iContact list on 2014-09-03:

2014 National SCRABBLE Championship

2014 National SCRABBLE® Championship Now History

Dear NASPA Members,

The 2014 National SCRABBLE Championship takes its place in the history books now as a memorable and enjoyable tournament. Congratulations to Conrad Bassett-Bouchard for his exceptional, first place, $10,000-winning performance. It gives us great pleasure to have this well-spoken young man represent the SCRABBLE brand crossword game to game lovers all over the world.

Congratulations to all division winners:

We want to express our gratitude to everyone who made this tournament successful, and to recognize the staff for their generous contributions of time and talent.

First of all, we are pleased to have had the ultimate tournament director, Dallas Johnson, who kept the event lively and on schedule.

Not only did Dallas direct the event, it is the myriad of things you do NOT see that make him an invaluable asset to the team and crucial to the success of the event. All of the months leading up to the event, Dallas was coordinating with the Buffalo-Niagara Convention Center on the playing room layout, making sure that challenge computers were near plugs, overseeing the menus for staff meals, helping staff and guests with room reservations, answering hundreds of emails from players, and overseeing all things big and small to ensure a great event for all participants. To steal a line Houston coach Bum Phillips said about running back Earl Campbell, "He might not be in a class by himself, but it doesn't take long to call roll."

Our master of ceremonies, Alan Stern, made the Nationals an entertaining week, win or lose.

The lovely and talented Connie Creed served as our reception coordinator. She also procured the beautiful crystal trophies for the event.

Our thanks go out to the volunteers who checked players in and helped prepare the playing room. They include the following:

Next, join us in expressing thanks to the volunteers who assisted with registration and check-in. They include the following people:

  • Betty Cornelison
  • Lila Crotty
  • Kay Faust
  • Marcia Huard
  • Susan Lichtblau
  • Denise Mahnken
  • Pat Nahaczewski
  • Mark Przybyszewski
  • Mary Rhoades
  • Ida Scaglione
  • Lilla Sinanan
  • Joyce Stock
  • Ginger White

And where would we be, how could we survive without the technical support of dedicated Word Judge computers? Thanks to these members for the use of their adjudication laptops:

  • Michael Donegan
  • Deborah Gaudier
  • Dan Horowitz
  • Cecilia Huber
  • Art Moore
  • Diane Moore
  • Kieran O'Connor
  • Mary Rhoades
  • Rob Robinsky
  • Diana Spiller
  • Joyce Stock

Thank you to Kristen Chew and Alice Ching-Chew, who ran member services for the entire event. They fulfilled orders for the 2014 Official Tournament and Club Word List, working long hours to do so. To make sure we had interesting and fun things to do to help us recharge, Alice Ching-Chew worked on-site and Robin Gates handled preplanning for after-hours activities. Each division had two people dedicated to running it - a division leader and an assistant. They included:

  • Division 1) Division leader John Robertson and assistant Kate Watson
  • Division 2) Division leader Bryan Pepper and assistant Shelley Ubeika
  • Division 3) Division leader Dan Stock and assistant Rebecca Soble
  • Division 4) Division leader Arthur Moore and assistant Diane Moore
  • Collins Division) Division leader Kieran O'Connor and assistant Joey Krafchick

Sue Grogan-Johnson was in charge of the Youth Division, and coordinated player registration as well as cleaning and packing up tournament supplies after the event. Thank you so much, Sue, for all your work. Thanks go out to our data entry people for the top-notch work they did. We truly could not have produced the exemplary results we had without you.

  • Division 1) Tim Crotty
  • Division 2/CSW) Reese Daniel
  • Division 3/4) Katie Bernardina

We are grateful for outstanding coverage of the NSC by our Internet reporter Sherrie Saint John and photographer Patty Hocker.

Our two annotators did a phenomenal job! Thanks to both of them, Lisa Kessler and Pete Zeigler.

Again, we were fortunate enough to have the master of all webmasters, John Chew, documenting the competition. He makes everything look so easy. And we know it ISN'T. John also served as a resource to every other staff member, providing guidance and direction in all areas of tournament operations, while also acting as a host to our guests from Hasbro and Merriam-Webster.

Huge thanks to the ones who were willing to stay after the party was over to clean and pack up for us.

  • Linda Bianca
  • Kay Faust
  • Yukiko Loritz
  • Diane Moore
  • Art Moore
  • Bryan Pepper
  • Mark Przybyszewski
  • Dan Stock
  • Joyce Stock
  • Mohd Khairi Zulkalnain

Finally, thanks to our sponsors for their support of the event; HASBRO, Merriam-Webster and Winning Moves Games.

Each year the National SCRABBLE Championship shines a spotlight on the game for those who are curious about the SCRABBLE brand crossword game, as well as for long-time tournament players. All players, staff and volunteers help us showcase the game to the world. Thank you for your time and dedication. You do make a difference.

Chris Cree