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The '''Director’s Manual Committee''' was formed in June 2009
== Committee Disbanded ==
to update the [[Directors Manual|Director’s Manual]].
== Members ==
The Committee was disbanded on 2014-04-01, with its responsibilities transferred to the [[Publications Committee]]. It issued its [[Director Manual Committee 2014 Report]] on 2014-07-31.
* [[Rebecca Slivka]], chair
* [[Ted Gest]]
* [[Cornelia Guest]]
== Reviewers ==
* [[Mary Rhoades]]
* [[Judy Newhouse]]
== Agenda ==
* Get some volunteers to join this committee (interested? contact [[Rebecca Slivka]])
* Set timeline for next update to DM
* Solicit corrections/improvements from Directors (use yahoo lists)
* Update DM to change NSA references to NASPA, where applicable

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Committee Disbanded

The Committee was disbanded on 2014-04-01, with its responsibilities transferred to the Publications Committee. It issued its Director Manual Committee 2014 Report on 2014-07-31.

The Director Manual Committee is an inactive NASPA committee. Its mandate is to edit the Director Manual. To contact the committee, please send an email message to naspa-dm@yahoogroups.com.


The following members currently belong to the committee:

The following members have served past terms on the committee:

[photo of Rebecca Slivka (EX)] Rebecca Slivka (EX)
[photo of Chris Cree (SM)] Chris Cree (SM)
[photo of John Chew] John Chew
ex officio
[photo of Cornelia Guest] Cornelia Guest
[photo of Mary Rhoades] Mary Rhoades
[photo of Judy Newhouse] Judy Newhouse
[photo of Ted Gest] Ted Gest
[photo of John Green] John Green
[photo of Tapani Lindgren] Tapani Lindgren
[photo of Dallas Johnson] Dallas Johnson
ex officio