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Advisory Board

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The Advisory Board was transferred from the NSA to NASPA on February 15th, 2009.

To contact the Advisory Board send an email to naspa-advisoryboard@yahoogroups.com.


The duties of the Board include the following:

  • The Board acts as a disciplinary body for NASPA members.
  • The Board chooses the annual Michael Wise Memorial Person of the Year.
  • The Board advises the NASPA executive when asked concerning issues affecting NASPA members.
  • The Board acts as an appellate body for the rulings of NASPA’s working committees.

Current Members

Past Members


As of early 2011, the AB is composed entirely of appointed members, many of whom were transferred from the NSA AB. The members of the Executive Committee serve ex officio as AB cochairs. Other members serve two-year terms, each traditionally recommending their successors from their own geographic region.

In July 2011, elections will be held for the first time to choose two elected board members. Two outgoing members will be replaced through this process; the rest will be reappointed or replaced by the traditional method.


Beginning in 2010, significant AB motions have been numbered mostly sequentially in order of their conception. When such motions are passed, they result in an AB ruling. A complete list of AB Rulings is available at this website.