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2020 North American SCRABBLE Championship

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2020 North American SCRABBLE Championship Canceled

With the coronavirus pandemic still affecting the daily lives of so many of us, the Championship Committee has concluded it would be both unwise and irresponsible to move forward with this summer’s event. We are, therefore, canceling the 2020 North American Scrabble Championship (NASC).

Unable to definitively look 90 days into the future, we must use the data we have available and the most compelling is this: the State of Maryland today still forbids an event of our size from taking place. Furthermore, the City of Baltimore is prohibiting all gatherings of over 250 people through August 31st. Absent those restrictions, NASC would almost certainly become a “super-spreader” event where just a single asymptomatic attendee could infect hundreds of others. Upon leaving the event, those members could easily infect others on their way home and those in their home. Our signature event is important, but not more important than your safety.

Those of you who have registered have the option to be issued a refund or to roll your registration over to next year’s event, which we do plan to hold in Baltimore.

While we did set an attendance cap for this year, it is conceivable that next year’s cap will be more restrictive due to social distancing, and as a result, we may need to increase fees. Should you choose to roll over your registration, not only will you be guaranteed a seat at the 2021 NASC, you will also not be subject to any fee increase. In addition, you will be gifted with a set of tiles at the registration desk.

We will provide a link for processing cancellation requests in the next few days. If you need an immediate refund, contact us. The deadline for requesting a refund is June 30, 2020.

You are responsible for canceling your hotel and travel reservations.

While we are disappointed about the cancellation, we look forward to seeing all of you, safely, in years to come.

Thanks, Art Moore NASC Director

May 28,2020