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2014 WSC 20140307 Announcement

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Mind Sports International (MSI) made the following announcement about the 2014 WSC on March 7, 2014.

MSI would like to share the latest updates in regards to the highly anticipated 2014 Mind Sports International World Championships.
Location: ExCeL London
Dates: November 19–23, 2014

Specific details on the exact SCRABBLE schedule and format will be released as soon as the finite details have been agreed by all parties involved, however we can confirm that the SCRABBLE main event will follow a similar format to that featured within the successful Prague event conducted last year.

This year’s event will be enhanced thanks to it being a 100% OPEN tournament. The main event entry fee for all participants will be £150 with a discounted entry fee of £100 available to any Mind Sports Academy member. The main event will last a total of 5 days (November 19th–23rd), with a variety of additional small events being hosted throughout the Championships to give players more opportunity to have fun and take part in extra ‘side’ events. We will also be running a number of language specific SCRABBLE tournaments during the Championships, specifically German, Spanish, French and Norwegian.

Between now and November 1st, 2014, we will be running qualification opportunities across both the UK and USA in order to give players extra opportunities to win entry to the main event.

The dedicated registration booking website containing full event schedules will be live in April, enabling players to book their place as well as accommodation. An additional update with prize pool information will be published beforehand following final items being confirmed with our corporate partners and tournament directors -- which will be led by John Chew.

We hope that this announcement answers a number of core questions and that you are pleased with the positive developments taking place. We would like to thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to enhance things further.

Sincerely Mind Sports International