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2013 Advisory Board Elections

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In 2013, NASPA will again hold elections to replace two members of its Advisory Board (AB).

Electoral Districts

This year’s election will elect two members at large.

“Good Standing”

For the purposes of this election, a NASPA member is considered to be in good standing if


An electoral candidate must meet all of the following criteria:

  • They must be a NASPA member in good standing.
  • They must be nominated by a NASPA member in good standing other than themselves, during the nomination period of June 14–28.
  • They must accept the nomination during the nomination period.
  • They must be at least 21 years of age.
  • They must be prepared to comply with the obligations of NASPA committee members.
  • They must submit a brief statement describing their qualifications, background, platform,

and any other information that might be of use to voters, for posting to this webpage.

They do not need to be a certified director, have a high tournament rating or serve on another committee, but neither do these qualifications exclude them. Incumbent members may stand for reelection.

To submit or accept a nomination, please email info@scrabbleplayers.org. The nomination will take effect when the nominee’s name is added to the list of nominees on this page.


Jan Cardia
Jan lives in Wilmington, DE, has been playing in SCRABBLE tournaments for 30 years, is a NASPA tournament director, was a member of the NSA's original Advisory Board and is the chair of the Rules Committee. Jan is running for reelection.
Kate Fukawa-Connelly
Kate is running for reelection.
Shelley Ubeika
Shelley lives in Mississauga, ON, has been playing in SCRABBLE tournaments since 2005, and is a NASPA tournament director. Shelley is running for reelection.
Siri Tillekeratne
Siri has been playing in SCRABBLE tournaments since 1988 and has in some years played more rated games than anyone else, is a director of NASPA Club #374 in Calgary, AB and its many tournaments including the Western Canadian Championship, was the 1996 NSA Person of the Year, was a member of the NSA Advisory Board and is a member of the Canadian Committee and Tournament Committee. Siri is running for reelection.


Voting will take place from June 26 – July 3 inclusive, Eastern time. Votes will be accepted by paper or electronically. Each voter is entitled to vote for one candidate.

Paper votes may be sent to NASPA by postal mail, and must arrive during the voting period to be accepted. Paper votes are not anonymous, and must identify the voter and their vote.

Electronic votes should be made through the Member Services link at the NASPA website. Electronic votes will be anonymous, except inasmuch as a skilled person with access to the NASPA server could eventually reconstruct voting information.

The winner of each election will be determined by plurality. If an election ends in a tie, a lottery or coin toss will be used to break the tie.

Any disputes about the elections process will be decided by the AB, excluding those members running for reelection.


Results will be posted here.