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2012 NSC Trivia Contest

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Enjoy trivia games? If so, don't miss the Team Trivia Contest hosted by John Robertson. Special added attraction: One handout sheet plus a round of oral questions will be provided by nine-time Jeopardy! champion Jason Keller!

Everyone is welcome to participate: players, staff, friends, spouses and family members, other hotel guests, complete outsiders, etc.

As in all previous trivia contests I have run with others, this will be a team event (maximum seven players to a team). You may form your own team in advance. Don't have a team? No problem! You'll be assigned to a team when you show up.

When & Where: According to the official event schedule, it will be held on Saturday, August 11 at 8 p.m. in the Pacifica North Ballroom--the same room as the Scrabble tourney.

Categories: pop culture, history, geography, sports, music, current events, literature, art, science, politics, movies, television, words, opera...you name it.


  • Three rounds of 20 oral questions on a variety of subjects;
  • Four handout sheets based on specialized themes or subjects;
  • Two "Who/What Am I?" mystery subjects based on multiple clues;
  • Two wagering rounds (somewhat like Final Jeopardy!, but slightly different)

Usual length: About two hours of unbridled fun! (Ask those who have participated in past team trivia events in Albany, Lake George and Buffalo!)

Entry fee: $10 per person--approximately 90% of the entry fees will be returned as prize money to the top-finishing teams. The rest goes to offset expenses. Payment will only be accepted at the door. Ten-dollar bills help considerably.

Any questions? Email John at jgrobertson@sympatico.ca.