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2011 NSC Lunch Bird

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Dan Horowitz will be running a Lunch Bird at the 2011 NSC, the first time such an event has been part of the official schedule. The Lunch Bird is a separately administered, fully rated five-round tournament taking place during the lunch break, one round per day, each day from Saturday through Wednesday. Space is limited, so if you are interested in playing, please follow the flyer instructions to preregister with Dan ASAP.


Feedback from the 2010 NSC showed that while some players were happy with the seven-game, two-hour-lunch daily schedule needed to accommodate committee meetings, many players wanted to play more games and have a shorter lunch break. We are trying an optional Lunch Bird this year to try to make everyone happy, except for those who wanted to play more than eight games per day. Thank you to Dan Horowitz for agreeing to direct the event.

Event Basics

The Lunch Bird is a five-round fully rated tournament. The entry fee is US$30, payable to Dan Horowitz (not NASPA). As many players as possible will be paired in six-player round robin groups. If six or more players prefer to play using the CSW lexicon, one or more CSW divisions may be added. It may be possible for players to play a makeup round in the evening by mutual consent. Please see the event flyer for full details.


Final standings will be posted here as soon as they are available.