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2009 National SCRABBLE Championship Player Bulletin

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Please read this bulletin carefully after you register for the 2009 National SCRABBLE Championship, and again before you leave to travel to the tournament.


You are responsible for bringing all equipment necessary to play according to NASPA tournament rules, including a board, tiles, tile bag, racks and timer. If you do not bring equipment and no equipment is available for you to use, you will forfeit games. When you set up equipment, you must leave it set up until the end of the session; the tsh pairing program will minimize player movement from table to table.

Arriving Late

If you discover that you will be unable to arrive in time to play a game, you must either call Mary Rhoades at 817-718-3115 or send a text message to John Chew at 416-876-7675. If you fail to do so, you may be removed from the pairings until the end of the session.

Help Wanted

If you are travelling with friends or family, please consider asking them to volunteer as a player helper. We rely on a large amount of volunteer help to make the NSC a success.