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Discussion about the SCRABBLE® game and related topics takes place on various more or less public forums.

  • Most NASPA committees have an internal mailing list for committee members, where you can send questions or messages to the committee for discussion.
  • Cross-tables.com has a system of online discussion forums, organized hierarchically by topic.
  • Crossword-games-pro (CGP) is “an unofficial mailing list for competitive SCRABBLE players”.
  • Nsa-td is an older mailing list for directors sanctioned by the NSA.
  • Ospd-scrabble is an informal mailing list about “the game as it is played in North America”.
  • World-scrabble is a mailing list about the game “when played at international level”.
  • Every page on our NASPAWiki site has an associated discussion page, readable to all, where the editors of the page can discuss its contents.
  • Many organizations, from local clubs to other national associations, maintain their own discussion forums or mailing lists.
  • Many players write personal blogs, some accepting comments from readers. A list of players’ blogs is avaliable at the badqoph directory maintained by Ryan Fischer.