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January 18th, 2020: SAWYER

Definition: SAWYER*SAWYERS n one that saws wood for a living

Anagrams: swayer

Hooks: sawyerS

Ana-hooks: Bewrays Lawyers swayerS warReys wasHery wasTery yawNers yawPers

'Typos': lawyer sawder swayer

Blana-grams: aNswer arAyse asHery awAyes aweAry awNers ayrIes Baryes Berays Bewray Carsey Creasy Derays Dewars esTray Fayres Greasy Gyrase Hawser Hayers Hearsy Karsey Layers Pawers Payers Psywar rawesT rayLes rayNes reasTy reLays reNays rePays resawN resawS resayS rewasH sarNey sawerS sawNey sayerS sCarey sCraye sCrewy seawAy seNary sewarS sKeary sLayer sMeary sPeary sTayer sTayre sTrawy swaGer swarDy swarTy swarVe swayeD swearD swearS sweaTy Tawers Tawery Twyers waDers waFers waFery waGers waKers waLers warRey warsLe wasHer wasTer wasTry waTers waTery waVers waVery waVeys waXers weyarD wHares wrasSe wreaKs wryesT yaGers yaresT yawNer yawPer yearDs yearNs yerBas

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aery ar are ares arew ars arse ary as aw awe awes awry ay aye ayes ayre ayres ays ea ear ears eas easy er era eras ers es eyas eyra eyras ras rase raw raws ray rays re res resaw resay rew rews rya ryas rye ryes sae sar saw sawer say sayer sea sear ser sera sew sewar sey sware sway swear swey swy sye wae waes war ware wares wars wary was wase way ways we wear wears weary wey weys wry wye wyes ya yar yare yaw yaws ye yea year years yeas yes yew yews

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