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June 8th, 2019: CRESOL

Definition: CRESOL*CRESOLS n a chemical disinfectant

Anagrams: ceorls closer escrol

Hooks: cresolS

Ana-hooks: cHolers clAroes cloNers closerS closUre cloVers coAlers coIlers colTers colUres coOlers corBels corMels corNels corsleT cosTrel creolEs creosOl escolAr escrolL escrolS lecTors locKers orAcles orcHels reclosE recoAls recoIls relocKs scolDer scoWler scroWle scroYle solAcer

'Typos': cresyl

Blana-grams: Blores cArles cArols celLos celoMs ceNsor ceroUs cHoler cHores clAros cleArs clerKs cloKes cloNer cloNes closeD closeS closeT cloTes cloUrs cloVer cloVes cloYes cloZes coAler coArse coBles coDers coIler colDer coleUs coleYs colIes colOrs colTer colUre coMers coOers coOler coOser coPers corAls corBel corBes coreRs coreYs corIes corMel corNel corPse corseS corseT corVes cosHer cosIer cosTer coUres coUrse coVers coWers creDos creEls creolE croMes croNes croRes crosSe croUse croZes crUels Decors Dolces Dorsel Droles eclosE eNrols escorT escroC escroW Forces Forels Fresco lAcers lecTor lesSor locKer locOes loNers loOser loPers loreLs lorIcs lorIes loserS loUres loVers loWers loWser lUcres Morels Morsel Nerols Norsel ocHers ocHres ocKers oGlers oIlers oNcers orAcle orcHel orIels oscUle osTler oWlers Polers Proles reAlos recAls recCos recoAl recoIl recoNs recTos relIcs relocK reoIls resolD resolE roBles rocHes rosAce roscOe roseAl roUles roWels scAler scHorl sclerA sclerE scoleX scoreD scoreR scoreS scorSe scoTer scroBe scrolL scroWl secTor slIcer sloPer sloWer socCer socleS solAce solDer solerA solerS solLer solVer sorelL sorelS sorelY sorRel soUrce sPlore sTerol Torsel Ulcers

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cel cels ceorl cero ceros close col cole coles cols cor core cores cors corse cos cose el els eorl eorls er eros ers es les lo lor lore lores los lose loser oe oes ole oles or orc orcs ore ores orle orles ors os ose re rec recs res roc rocs roe roes role roles rose score sec seco sel ser sloe so soc socle sol sole soler sore sorel

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