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January 18th, 2019: SITHENCE

Definition: SITHENCE adv since

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Dehiscent eUthenics hesitAnce Phenetics stenchieR techinesS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Asthenic centesiS centiLes centiMes centRies chAnties cheDites cheesinG cheniXes chestieR chestinG chetniKs cheWiest chieFest chintseS chintZes chRisten chUtnees cineAste citheRns cithRens cYsteine Disthene echinAte enRiches enteRics entheTic enticeRs estheTic etchinGs ethicIse Fetiches Genetics henNiest heRetics hicAtees icestOne ichnItes inheRces Kitchens Knitches Linchets necKties nescieNt nicetIes nitchIes Pectines Pentices Phenetic scienteR secRetin seethinG seicentO sheetinG snitcheD snitcheR snitcheS stencheD stencheS techiesT techniCs teDeschi tenesMic theeLins thicKens tincheLs tRenches Witchens

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cee cees cens cense cent cents cesti cete cetes ch che chenet chenets chest chi chin chine chines chinese chins chints chis chit chits cine cines cis cist cit cite cites cits ctene ctenes ech eche eches echt ee eech een eh ehs eine en ene enes ens entice entices es esne est et etch etches eten etens eth ethe ethic ethics ethnic ethnics eths etic he heist hen hence hens hent hents hes hest het hete hetes hets hi hic hie hies hin hins hint hints his hisn hist hit hits ice ices ich iches ichs in incest inch inches ins insect inset is ish it itch itches its ne nee neist nesh nest net nete netes nets nice nicest niche niches nie niece nieces nies nis nit nite nites nits nth scene scent scient sec sect see seen sei seiche seine seiten sen sene sent sente senti set sh she sheen sheet shent shet shin shine shit shite si sic sice sich sien sient sieth sin since sine sinh sit site sith sithe sithen snee snit snitch st steen stein sten stench sthenic stich stie te tech techie techies techs tee teen teens tees ten tench tenches tene (and 35 more)

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