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June 6th, 2011: COPSE

Definition: COPSE*COPSES n a coppice

Anagrams: copes scope

Hooks: copseD copseS

Ana-hooks: copeNs copeRs copIes coRpse coUpes epocHs poNces scopAe scopeD scopeS

'Typos': copes copsy corse

Blana-grams: cApes cApos cepEs ceRos cHops cHose cLops cLose coDes coeDs coKes coLes coMes coMps coNes coOps copeD copeN copeR coRes coRps coseC coseD coseS coseT coseY cosIe cosTe coTes coUpe coUps coVes coWps coXes coZes cRops Decos Dopes ecHos eLops epIcs epocH escoT esToc esTop eXpos Hopes Lopes Mopes ocHes oLpes oNces opeNs pAces pAcos pAseo pecHs pecKs peoNs pePos pesoS pesTo pIsco pocKs poeMs poesY poeTs poIse poKes poLes poMes poNce poNes poPes poRes poseD poseR poseS poseY posSe poTes poXes poYse pRose psoAe pUces Repos Ropes scApe scoNe scoOp scopA scopS scoRe scoUp scoWp secCo sepIc sepoY sHope sLope socLe soNce soUce soWce spAce specK specS speoS spIce spoDe spoKe spoRe sToep sTope Topes Voces

Extensions: copseWOOD copseWOODS

Sub-anagrams: cep ceps cop cope cops cos cose epos es oe oes op ope opes ops os ose pe pec pecs pes peso po pos pose scop sec seco so soc sop spec

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