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January 19th, 2009: OSCULE

Definition: OSCULE*OSCULES n osculum

Anagrams: coleus

Hooks: osculeS

Ana-hooks: Boucles cloQues closuRe coluRes couleEs couNsel couPles Dulcose Glucose locuLes ocelLus oPuscle uNclose uPclose Vocules

'Typos': oscula

Blana-grams: Blouse Boucle Boules cAules celLos celoMs ceoRls ceRous cHouse clAuse cloKes cloNes cloNus cloQue closeD closeR closeS closeT cloTes clouDs clouRs clouTs cloVes cloYes cloZes coBles coGues coleYs colIes coluRe coNsul couleE coulIs couPes couPle couRes couRse cResol cRouse cRuels culeTs cuPels Dolces eclosE eNsoul escRol escuDo eusolS Flouse Foules Fucose Housel Joules locOes locuLe locuMs locusT loucHe louIes louPes louRes louseD louseS lucRes Mousle Mucose Muscle Noules Nousle oBelus oculUs oleuMs oucHes ouNces ouselS ouZels oVules Poules Roules scoleX scouSe sculLe sloucH sluIce socleS solAce soleuS soluTe souceD souceS souleD souPle souRce sucKle Tousle ulceRs uloseS uNcles Vocule

Extensions: FLosculeS FLoscule(S)

Sub-anagrams: cel cels close clou clous clue clues col cole coles cols cos cose cue cues ecu ecus el els es eusol les leu lo locus los lose louse luce luces lues oe oes ole oles os ose ou ousel scul sec seco sel sloe slue so soc socle sol sole sou souce soul sue ule ules us use

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