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April 2nd, 2003: UNCO

Definition: UNCO*UNCOS n a stranger

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: Bunco Junco uncoS uncoY

Ana-hooks: conuS coRnu counT oncuS ouncE

'Typos': unce unci undo unto

Blana-grams: Boun cHon cHou cIon cLon cLou coIn conD conE conF conI conK conN conS conY coOn coRn couP couR cunT cuRn Douc Icon Loun Muon nocK nouL nouN nouP nouS nouT oncE onuS oucH ouRn Toun uPon

Extensions: BuncoS JuncoS uncoCK uncoIL uncoLT uncoOL uncoPE uncoRD uncoRK uncoWL BuncoED JuncoES uncoCKS uncoDED uncoILS uncoLTS uncoMIC uncoPED uncoPES uncoRDS uncoRKS uncoUTH uncoVER uncoWLS ADuncoUS BuncoING BuncoMBE uncoATED uncoCKED uncoFFIN uncoILED uncoINED uncoLTED uncoMBED uncoMELY uncoMMON uncoOKED uncoOLED uncoPING uncoRDED uncoRKED uncoSTLY uncoUPLE uncoVERS uncoWLED uncoYNED BuncoMBES uncoATING uncoCKING uncoERCED uncoFFINS uncoILING uncoLORED uncoLTING uncoMBINE uncoNCERN uncoNFINE uncoNFORM uncoNFUSE uncoNGEAL uncoRDIAL uncoRDING uncoRKING uncoRRUPT uncoUNTED uncoUPLED uncoUPLER uncoUPLES uncoURTLY uncoUTHER uncoUTHLY uncoVERED uncoWLING uncoALESCE uncoATINGS uncoDIFIED uncoERCIVE uncoFFINED uncoLOURED uncoMBINED uncoMBINES uncoMMONER uncoMMONLY uncoMMUTED uncoNCERNS uncoNFINED uncoNFINES uncoNFUSED uncoNFUSES uncoNGEALS uncoNJUGAL uncoNSOLED uncoNSTANT uncoNSUMED uncoNVOYED uncoRSETED uncoUPLERS uncoUPLING uncoUTHEST uncoVERING (and 66 more)

Sub-anagrams: con no nu on ou un

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