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June 7th, 2024: BRALETTE

Definition: BRALETTE*BRALETTES n a soft, flexible bra

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: braletteS

Ana-hooks: albertIte blattereD Prebattle treatAble Utterable

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: abetterS alerteSt arbeleSt atreMble barBette barRette batteNer battereD battereR batterIe battlerS berettaS berRetta betatTer blatterS bleareSt bleaterS braCelet braCtlet brattleD brattleS eMbattle Gettable laterIte lIberate lIterate Nettable Pettable raClette rateAble rebOttle rebUttal reNtable reStable retableS Seatbelt tableteD tearAble terabYte teStable tItrable tOlerate tOteable trabeAte Wettable

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abele abet abetter able abler ae al alb ale alee alert alt alter ar arb are arete art artel at ate att ba bae bal bale baler bar bare bat bate batt batter battle battler be beal bear beat beater bee beer beet bel belt belter berate beret beretta bet beta betel betta better blae blare blat blate blatter blear bleat bleater blet bra brae brat brattle bree ear earl eat eater eel el elate elater er era ere et eta la lab labret lar laree lat late later latte latter lea lear lee leer leet let letter rale rat rate ratel rattle re real reb rebate rebel ree reel relate relet ret retable rete ta tab taber table tablet tae tael tale taler tar tare tart tat tate tater te tea teal tear teat tee teel tel tela telae tele tet tetra treat treble tree tret

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