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September 28th, 2023: REDCAP

Definition: REDCAP*REDCAPS n a porter

Anagrams: carped craped

Hooks: redcapS

Ana-hooks: caperEd craMped crapPed parcHed peracId praNced Scarped Scraped

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: apercU arcAde arcHed arcKed Braced cadGer cadreS caMped caMper caperS capPed capPer cardeD cardeR carIed carKed carpeL carpeR carpeT carTed carVed cedarN cedarS cedarY cHared cradLe craNed crapeS craTed craVed craZed credaL crepEd dacKer daMper daNcer dapPer decaMp decarE deparT dIaper drapeD drapeR drapeS drapeY ecHard eNdcap eparcH eScarp Farced Graced Harped Nacred pacerS pacIer pacKed pacKer padDer padreS paIred paNder parAde parceL pardeE pardIe parGed parKed parLed parRed parSec parSed parTed peacEd pedLar percId peTard pLaced pLacer praNce praTed praYed preacH preacT prIced racKed raMped rapPed raSped reapEd recapS recLad redacT repacK repaId repaNd Sacred Scaped Scared Scrape Secpar Spaced Spacer Spader Spared Spread Traced Warped

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acre acred ad ae ape aped aper ar arc arced are cad cade cadre cap cape caped caper car card care cared carp cedar cep crap crape cred da dace dap dare de dear dep drape ear ed er era pa pac pace paced pacer pad padre par pard pare pared pe pea pear pec ped per perc race raced rad rap rape raped re read reap rec recap red rep

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