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September 11th, 2023: SYSTOLE

Definition: SYSTOLE*SYSTOLES n the normal rhythmic contraction of the heart

Anagrams: tolseys toyless tyloses

Hooks: Asystole systoleS

Ana-hooks: tHyloses

'Typos': systyle

Blana-grams: Closest Closets Cotyles Goslets Hostels Jostles Joyless loOsest lotOses lotUses loWsest lysAtes Molests Motleys osselEt ostleRs oysteRs Peyotls sloWest sMoyles solAtes solUtes steRols stoGeys stoReys styleRs styleTs stylIse telosEs telsoNs tHylose toelEss tolseLs tolZeys toPless toRsels tossIly toUsles tylosIs tyloTes Xyloses

Extensions: AsystoleS EXTRAsystoleS EXTRAsystole(S)

Sub-anagrams: el els elt elts es ess est ests et eyot eyots les less lest lests let lets ley leys lo loess los lose loses loss lossy lost lot lote lotes lots loy loys lye lyes lyse lyses lyte lytes oe oes ole oles os ose oses oy oye oyes oys sel sels set sets sey seys sley sleys sloe sloes slot slots sly slyest so sol sole soles sols sos sot sots soy soyle soyles soys st stey stole stoles sty stye styes style styles stylo stylos sye syes te tel telos tels tes to toe toes toey tole toles tolsey tose toses toss tossy toy toys tye tyes ye yelt yelts yes yest yests yet yo yos

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